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All civil engineering projects calculate their success by first estimating their cost. Indeed, this estimation is often how a company will decide whether or not to go forward with a project. A project is only feasible if it’s worth or more than it will cost to complete. So, getting a good estimate is vitally important before undertaking any project.

But the question remains: Why should you outsource your estimates?

You will have a guaranteed level of accuracy with a company that specializes in estimates. Cost estimation is a complex process that requires expertise, broad knowledge, and field experience. These skills, combined with a specific focus only on estimation, yield the fastest and most accurate estimates for any project. This ensures that the outsourcing company is well adapted to any incoming project bids.

Large enterprises usually require cost estimation at a fast pace and have to be quick as well as accurate in doing so. This helps the outsourcing company to be well adapted to the incoming project bids.

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Scope: Platform and Stairs Steel (metal framing)

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Scope: Renovation Everything (Breakdown)

We’ve Been Estimating for Over Nine Years

Our highly skilled Engineering and Technical Teams have been on a mission to help agencies find the best way to estimate their construction project costs for almost nine years!


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Our fee depends on the scope and size of the project. This is why we ask that you send us your plans so that we can give you the exact fee for your project. We will review your plans and get back to you with our proposal for an exact fee and our turnaround time. When sending the plans, please do mention whether you would be bidding the whole project as a G.C. or as selected trades so that we can review and provide you with our proposal of fee and ETA accordingly.

After reviewing your drawings, we will send you the invoice via email. You can pay directly through the invoice.

We ask that you pay the full amount before we start the project. We always strive to provide our clients with the best value for their money. If you aren’t satisfied with our services, we can provide a complete refund.

We charge you on each project individually; there are no monthly or fixed costs for a subscription that would affect your payroll taxes, no downtime cost during slow cycles, no medical and retirement contributions, no sick or vacation payments. If you consolidate these factors, it saves you a lot of money over time without having to compromise on the quality of work, and it provides faster turnaround times in comparison to in-house staff.